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Thursday, 8 May 2014

A little life advice

I know this is my second post of the day, have I lost my marbles you might be asking yourself? But I feel like this is something I really want to address, as many of you may know exams are dawning upon those of us who are still in school. I myself have completed one of my seven AS level exams, and the pressure is just building and building. I would be lying if I said these exams mean nothing like a lot of people seem to... Which I don't understand, sure in the long run they aren't as important as a degree or a higher education qualification but you can't access one of those without getting good grades at AS and A2! 

But the thing is getting worked up and stressed doesn't help you get a good grade, to be honest I'm sick of hearing people say "If you aren't stressed you're probably going to fail." No that isn't true! Being so stressed you can't eat or sleep is the reason you may fail! A little stress and worry is good because it acts as motivation to get into gear and really focus on revision, but too much can be damaging. Myself and a few of my friends have gotten so stressed at times we've actually been ill. Sacrificing your health for these exams is not a good thing or something to be proud of, suffering depression and anxiety like I did during my year 11 exams isn't something to brag about. 

My advice for dealing with exams would be to follow these steps:
1. Set a schedule, I got an amazing app on my iPhone called 'Alarmed' and its perfect for people like me who procrastinate and put off revising as much as possible! It has 'NagMe' setting so the alarm goes off every minute until you get it done. 
2. Take regular breaks, after every hour of revision reward yourself with 20-30 minutes of free time before you start again. Keep to one hour at a time, your brain doesn't focus as much during long hours of studying with no breaks! Have a drink during your break, I personally enjoy a coffee because I seriously need the energy! 
3. Try and relax! I find a hot bubbly bath with music to be the perfect relaxation technique, also yoga. Exercise is a fabulous way of relaxing but for those of us too lazy for anything strenuous yoga is just perfect!
4. And finally breathe! Take a step back and reflect on what you imagine your life being like once all this is over! Do something you know you're going to enjoy and won't find hard to focus on. Find something to focus on, a prize for yourself! Mine is finally being able to read again!

I hope all this helped in someway possible!  
Have you got any relaxation techniques to help with stress?
And good luck to those with exams!
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