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Saturday, 3 May 2014

May Favorites!

Well hello there!
I know it's probably a little early in the month for a favorite's post but what the heck! I'm going to be crazy today! (I apologize for the length of this post)

Some of the things I'm putting into this post I've had for a while now but have only just realized how much I love it! The first thing I'm putting in this post is something I got from my sister, it was a present for my birthday and it's my Tanya Burr nail varnish and lip gloss! The nail varnish I got is in the colour 'Vampire Kiss' and oh my gosh I love it! Its such an amazing colour and texture, normally I'm not a huge fan of lip gloss I much prefer a lipstick, but this product really changed that opinion! It doesn't have that sticky quality that lip glosses normally have, it goes on really smoothly and easily with a wand applicator. The wand is kind of flat which allows you to really get a good outline before you fill the whole lip in. I really want to get more of these lip glosses and at £6.99 a pop they're quite affordable! They're available from most Superdrug stores now and also feelunique. The one I have is such an amazing colour, normally I reserve bright red lips for an evening occasion, but this one I find I can wear quite comfortably in the day (with minimal eye make up of course). My lips feels really hydrated when I take it off, which is a welcomed change form the usual stickiness that come with other glosses. I would really recommend this product, and also if you haven't already check out Tanya's YouTube channel and blog (I'll leave a link to both below.) 

The Tanya Burr nail varnish I have is in the colour 'Midnight Sparkles', I'm a nail varnish nut to be quite honest and this one takes the biscuit! Its such a beautiful colour when on, it looks like just a plain dark purple but as soon as any light hits it the sparkles pop out and look amazing! There is just one quarrel I have with this product and that is the fact that application is quite messy, its quite a runny nail varnish so you have to make sure you only have a little bit on the brush before you apply it. And then because you can only put a little bit on at a time you have to do quite a few coats which can be time consuming, not the best product for if you're in a rush! However, the gorgeous finish and stunning colour far out weigh this little flaw! 

The next thing isn't actually a product, but something my friend did for me, she takes Art at A-Level and asked if I would mind being a hair model for one of her pieces, she chose an artist and gave me a picture to replicate, not to sound vain but I've always been quite proud of my hair and how long it has gotten so I was flattered when she asked and agreed straight away! I didn't actually know how good she was when I agreed to do this so I was a little skeptical it wouldn't turn out right... But I have to say she really came through! I was sooooo happy with this piece! I really wanted to keep it but sadly it had to be kept by the teachers for assessment :( 

The next thing is something I literally just got today and I'm really excited! I've been making do with really cheap rubbish make up brushes that I must have gotten when I was twelve and had no idea how to use them! Well today I got these 'So Eco' brushes while I was shopping at TESCO, I've wanted good quality makeup brushes for a while now but they're just so darn expensive to buy! I know make up isn't cheap but over £8 is just not feasible for a 17 year old student who only earns minimum wage on one or two shifts a week! I'm really tight with my money because I just hate the idea of not having any and have to borrow it from my parents! So £14 for four brushes seemed like such a good buy! The fact that they're Eco friendly as well was an added bonus for me, and in comparison to my old brushes they feel like silk on my skin! I'm hoping once I've been using them for a couple of weeks to do a blog post on them :)

As always thank you so much if you're reading this! 
What are your favorite things this month?
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