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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Calvin Klein Sheer Creme Eye Shadow

Well hello there!

I thought it would be nice this week to do a cheeky review of one of my favorite eye shadows at the moment! I got the CK sheer creme eye shadow in the colour 'snakeskin silver' around three years ago now so I was 13/14 years old and didn't really know how to use it, so its been in my make up bag not being loved! I came across it again a few weeks ago and thought while I was feeling confident I'd give it a bash! The colour doesn't show particularly well because of the low pigmentation, its more of a soft glitter on the lid than a strong colour. It does come in a variety of colours so the results could vary with different products. However I found it blended really well and didn't crease throughout the day, it's a great product to wear on an everyday basis because it just matches with everything. You could use a thicker coat to make your make up look a little more dressy especially if teamed with a gorgeous lipstick! Or if like me you're going for a casual day to day look a light coat with a lightly coloured lip balm would go with any outfit! I'd recommend Maybeline Baby Lips in the colour 'Pink Punch'.  

I do however have one tiny issue with this product... And that is, you have to be careful not to touch your eye once you've put it on. I've found from an unfortunate experience where I unconsciously rubbed my eye and had to find a place to wipe a glittery finger whilst out shopping in York! Most unfortunate I assure you. But apart from that I can find no other quarrel with it! The texture of this creme eye shadow is beautiful, its so light, it doesn't weigh down the eye lid like I've found other eye shadows do! I found the product great to wear and really easy to applicate, it can be done with the finger or an eye shadow applicator. 

 I don't know if this product is still available from Calvin Klein stores, online or in shops as I got it in a set a long time ago. So I can't give you a price as it varies between sellers.
A few links to online stores are:

If you decide to try this product do let me know in the comments! 
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As always thank you for reading :) 

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