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Thursday, 17 April 2014

My First Post

Well hello there!

For those who are reading this, if anyone is reading this... I would first of all like to say welcome to my blog! This is obviously my first post so I'm going to just tell you all a little bit about myself and my reason for starting it :)

Well my name is Elly and I'm a 17 year old, I'm from England although not any of the 'cool' or 'well known' parts like London, Brighton or Devon (unfortunately). I'm from Yorkshire or more specifically Doncaster if you care to Google it you might find out that it has the highest rate for teenage pregnancies and probably not the nicest place to live. However, I am a strong believer that how we are raised by parents and the people we surround ourselves with has an enormous impact on how we turn out as human beings. And as a result of my upbringing I am a massive book nerd who would much rather stay at home reading a good book whilst listening to Taylor Swift and being wrapped in my Snuggie than going out and partying. Now don't take that the wrong way, I do enjoy going out with friends and having a good time but I'm just more comfortable in a familiar setting of my bedroom. Which is my sanctuary when things get rough or I just need some time to myself. 
Me and my oldest sister in Brighton

My inspiration to start this blog came from reading and fan-girling over Zoella's blog and YouTube channel, if you've never watched her videos or read her blog I would highly recommend you do so. She is an inspiration to me, not only for her ability to conjure up amazingly interesting blog posts on fantastic make up products and fashion ideas but also how she managed to over come her anxiety in order to create a successful career as a YouTuber and beauty blogger and become an amazing person. I had a crisis moment the other day when I came to the realisation that my A Level examinations are soon and I'm terrified my future won't go as planned. I've always enjoyed writing a diary and coming up with ideas on blog posts to write but never having the courage to do so. My obsession with the criminal mind is where I would like my future to go as a career, however my plan b is to open up a little cafe that sells flavoured teas and home-made goodies located on the coast.

So that is just a little bit about me and my life and if you are still reading this probably very borning post then I applaud and thank you  and hope you read posts to come in the future :)

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