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Saturday, 19 April 2014


Well hey again!
I don't know if anyone is reading these posts or if anyone cares but oh well here we go again!
I thought I'd do a little update on what I've been doing these Easter holidays, you know apart from A Level revision and starting this blog, I got a rare trip out yesterday. Me, my mum and my two younger sisters decided to go to Elsham Hall which has these really beautiful gardens to walk around, we'd been in the car for about an hour the youngest two had finally fallen asleep and we'd broken free of the traffic. Just as we arrived disaster struck when we saw a sign saying the gardens were closed! With a mother desperate for a wee and two children waking up from their nap we had to make a snap decision. Go all the way back home? Or carry on to the seaside? Both of which had their draw backs; if we went home what could we do with the day? If we went to the seaside we were terribly unprepared with a lack of coats and not a bucket and spade in sight. So what to do? (Take selfies apparently).

Well after a pit stop to relieve a bladder and get some snacks we decided to head to Cleethorpes the seaside town near where we were, I've been there hundreds of times and know it like the back of my hand, because of this I knew my cardigan would not be enough to shield me from the cold. Even in summer it's freezing there! So we got to the beach and the girls want to go on the donkeys, its this moment mum decides shes going to run back to the car and search in the boot (trunk for american readers) for extra coats because everyone was shivering and unbelievably cold.

 After a successful donkey ride and more pictures we see mum running down the beach brandishing coats and waterproofs, its never easy to get coats on children at the best of times but in the presence of sand and donkeys to provide even more distraction it might as well have been a wrestling match! When feeling that type of cold that is in your bones it is obviously essential to go and get a hot chocolate (the best I've ever had by the way) and you know if you're five and two an ice cream is clearly the best way to go. So, now spirits were high we decided it was much too cold to continue playing in the sand, so we went to the amusements and had a go on the big wheel. Even though it was beyond freezing and incredibly windy we all had fun, with a bag of candyfloss and the promise of Frozen songs in the car we set off home. And this time it wasn't just the little ones that fell asleep but me too!
 What have you done this Easter holiday?
Let me know in the comments below :) 

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